Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vote in the UberRidiculous Card Tournament - Round 1!

Oh boy, it's Round 1 of the Red Cardboard UberRidiculous Card Tournament! For info, see this post or peruse the tab at the top of the page. Voting is on the sidebar. Vote for your favorite 4 using any criteria you see fit. Top 4 move on. Tell your family! Tell your friends! Vote, dammit! 

Voting closes Saturday, July 27th at Noon, Eastern Time.
A random number generator has selected the following 16 cards from the pool of 512. Let's roll.

Card #1 -1973 Topps #205 - World Series ft. Tony Perez/Darrel Chaney

Card #2 -1994 Ultra Strikeout Kings #4 - Jose Rijo

Card #3 - 1974 Topps #85 - Joe Morgan

Card #4 - 1990 Upper Deck #778 - Billy Hatcher

Card #5 -1998 Stadium Club #225 - Deion Sanders

Card #6 - 1995 Pinnacle #223 - Jose Rijo

Card #7 -1993 Topps #83 - Reggie Sanders

Card #8 -1996 SP #62 - Bret Boone

Card #9 -1996 Collector's Choice #522 - John Smiley

Card #10 -2008 Allen & Ginter #224 - Johnny Cueto

Card #11 -1996 Pinnacle #235 - Bret Boone

Card #12 - 1995 Summit #10 - Barry Larkin

Card #13 -1978 Topps #526 - Cincinnati Reds Team Card

Card #14 - 1974 Topps #158 - Jack Billingham

Card #15 -1986 Topps #205 - Pete Rose Record Breaker

Card #16 - 1957 Topps #128 - Ed Bailey

Go Reds.


  1. Some tough choices there! I had to pick between seven or eight of that group.

    1. Yeah. i have a feeling a lot of the groups will be tough. Considering these were all hand picked by me, i'll be more upset about the losers than happy about the winners.

  2. I like the format, choosing from a pool, thus avoiding (at least for the time being) obvious "weak" or "strong" matchups. It hurt to leave Ed Bailey off my ballot, but I think he'll still move on. Deion squeaked by as my last choice, only because it seems like the Padres third baseman might've been tagging him out (assuming the ball and glove are behind that cloud of dust).

    Great first group of cards!

    1. thanks. we won't be going head to head for quite a while, so if it's a strong card, it would take some serious bad luck not get into the finals bracket. and fret not, there are a few more baileys lingering around the pool.

  3. Helluva start... Sent from the woods