Saturday, July 20, 2013

Half Dozen TTM Catchers

Got a nice flurry of catchers in the mail. As I've mentioned before, I'm a former catcher, so I have a soft spot for the backstop. Let's go through my most recent through-the-mail successes of the armored gentlemen.

Jeff Reed played five of his seventeen years in the bigs for the Reds, catching 329 games for Cincy. He was a part of the 1990 World Series roster and caught Tom Browning's perfect game in 1988. Signed is a 1990 Leaf #505.

Vic Correll spent the final three of his seven big league seasons with Cincy, catching in 110 games for the Reds. Signed is a 1979 Topps #281.

Alan Knicely spent three of his eight seasons with the Reds, seeing action in 117 games for the club. Signed is a 1984 Topps #323.

Jimmie Schaffer spent the final year of his eight year career with Cincy, seeing action in 4 Reds games. Signed is a 1968 Topps #463.

Terry McGriff, Fred McGriff's cousin, spent the first four of his six big league years catching for the Reds, seeing time in 77 games. Signed is a 1988 Fleer #240.

Don Pavletich spent nine of twelve big league years behind the plate for Cincy, playing in 412 Reds contests, including his debut at a mere 18 years of age. Signed is a 1968 Topps #108.


Go Reds. 


  1. I saw Terry McGriff playing in Double-A, he had a heck of an arm. My friend and I were convinced this guy was going to be a star.

    1. yeah. i think the Reds had too many promising catchers at the time and he never had a shot at a full-time job.