Friday, July 26, 2013

1952 Topps #137 - Roy McMillan

First up, don't forget to vote in the UberRidiculous Card Tournamnet. Round 1 - Group 1 info is here.

Second, I changed the end date to Saturday at noon. Two days per round is plenty, since I'd like to finish before the next olympics.

Third, the big Veteran's Memorial Show is tomorrow, so I'm reasonably pumped up. Yeah, all you fancy-pantsers who are going to the National next week will have a better card excursion than me, but 100 tables in mid-Ohio ain't too shabby. I'll pull some good stuff.

Fourth, I landed another '52 Topps in the mail the other day: Roy McMillan. A two-time All Star, winner of the first three NL Golden Gloves, one-time single-season double-play record holder, and member of the Reds Hall of Fame. Not too bad.

As with most of my '52s, it's been loved. Go Reds.

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