Friday, August 30, 2013

Vote, vote, vote. Round 1/Group 18, baby

Group 18, kiddies. Oh yeah. I have a feeling a few otherwise excellent junk era cards are gonna get steamrolled. Such is the fickle wheel of fortune that is The Tourney.

Vote for four. Voting ends Sunday at noon eastern.

Card #1 - 1959 Topps Whammy Douglas

Card #2 - 1992 Topps Bill Doran

Card #3 - 1989 Topps Reds Leaders ft. Eric Davis

Card #4 - 1968 Topps Pete Rose

Card #5 - 2004 Sweet Spot Signatures Austin Kearns

Card #6 - 2007 Turkey Red Stand Up Double ft. Ken Griffey Jr.

Card #7 - 1992 Ultra Rob Dibble

Card #8 - 1993 Upper Deck Hal Morris

Card #9 - 1949 Play Ball Wildfire Craft

Card #10 - 2007 Allen & Ginter David Ross

Card #11 - 1995 Leaf Great Gloves Barry Larkin

Card #12 - 1982 Topps In Action Ken Griffey

Card #13 - 1993 Diamond Marks Kevin Mitchell

Card #14 - 1954 Bowman Gus Bell

Card #15 - 1977 Topps Tony Perez

Card #16 - 2011 Bowman Draft Prospects Tony Cingrani

Go Reds.

Round 1/Group 17 Results

The 65th through 68th cards to enter Round 2 are set. We have a vintage Rose, a 60's All Star trio, a Sabo World Series celebration, and a 2013 Topps. Pretty solid quartet today. I'd expect some more action out of all four of these. Group 18 will be up later today. Go Reds.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

COMC Smackdown Part 3/3 - Vintage Oddball Goodness

In light of the recently ended Reds-Cards series, I officially do not understand the 2013 Cincinnati Reds. What I do understand is the awesomeness of vintage oddballs (that's a segue, folks). Let's roll.

1964 Topps Giants Frank Robinson. I like these, and they aren't anywhere near as expensive as you'd think 1960's cards would be. 3"x5" of Big Frank for a buck and change. Nice.

1975 Topps Minis MVP's Johnny Bench/Boog Powell. What is the appeal of '75 Minis? I don't know, but I'm in. I only have seven Reds. This will be amended.

1978/1979 Hostess Tom Seaver. While the late 70's Hostess box cards were pretty vanilla, Tom Terrific always earns a spot in the binders.

1954 Topps Ed Bailey, Bob Borkowski. Ok, these aren't oddballs, but these are the only two cards from the 21 card haul that weren't Bowman or oddball. So they get put here. Aside from the Green Back variations, I'm now only two cards shy of the '54 Topps Reds set, which is great.

1978 Kellogg's George Foster. NOT cracked to hell. These Kellogg's don't hold up well, usually. But this one is a fine specimen.
What's this? A regular old 1978 Topps card? No sir...
...1978 O-Pee-Chee Pete Rose. Un magnifique joueur de troisième-but. Vive le roi de frapper.

1970 Topps Scratchoffs Tony Perez. There were a bunch of variants of this type of game in the 90's. It's nice to see they were rooted in the past. And as we see...

...someone enjoyed the game. I hope. Maybe they just like foil dust in their fingernails.

What a great COMC binge. I'll never get tired of swiping cheap vintage. Go vote, and Go Reds.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Rollin' on, rollin' on. Based on how you've voted in the first half of Round 1, I think I can figure out 3 of the 4 right off the bat. But I've been surprised before.

Vote for four. Four move forward. Voting closes Friday at noon eastern.

Card #1 - 1983 Topps Super Veteran Johnny Bench

Card #2 - 1981 Topps George Foster

 Card #3 - 2003 Upper Deck National Pride Memorabilia Austin Kearns

Card #4 - 1994 Stadium Club Jacob Brunfield

Card #5 - 1972 Topps George Foster

Card #6 - 1991 Stadium Club Chris Sabo

Card #7 - 1976 Topps Pete Rose

Card #8 - 1992 Donruss Joe Oliver

Card #9 - 1996 Leaf Signature Autographs Thomas Howard

Card #10 - 1992 Topps Eric Davis

Card #11 - 1960 Topps Cincy Clouters Gus Bell/Frank Robinson/Jerry Lynch

Card #12 - 1997 SP Bret Boone

Card #13 - 2013 Topps Devin Mesoraco

Card #14 - 2002 Fleer Authentix Todd Walker

Card #15 - 1981 Fleer Tom Seaver

Card #16 - 2012 Topps 1987 Minis Johnny Bench

Go Reds.

Round 1/Group 16 Results

Halfway, baby. We've grabbed 64 of the 128 moving on to Round 2. Winning this group is the Hit King from '86. Also moving on are the '72 McRae, the '92 Davis, and the '10 Hanigan. That's four different decades in four slots. Excellent. Group 17 will be up later today. Go Reds.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

COMC Smackdown Part 2/3 - 1952-1953 Bowman

What's that? MORE vintage Bowman from the latest 'Check Out My Dwindling Bank Account' purchase? Dern right. The old Bowman was price to move, kids. Five nice ones from the 1952 set and a "Gem Mint" 1953 Bowman Color.

1952 Bowman Ken Raffensberger. A 15 year pitching career, the final 8 with Cincy. His lone All Star appearance was in a year he went 13-20 (though a 3.06 ERA and only 1.6 walks/9. It was a terrible 1944 Phillies team).

1952 Bowman Lloyd Merriman. Spent 4 of his 5 year career in the Reds outfield.

1952 Bowman Luke Sewell. A 20-year playing career in the 20's and 30's, followed by a 10-year managerial career including a stint with Cincy in the 50's. Also has a Hall of Fame brother, Joe.

1952 Bowman Frank Hiller. Four teams in seven years, including one year in Cincy.

1952 Bowman Hank Edwards. Six teams in eleven years, including a 2-year stint with the Reds in which he hit .296.

1953 Bowman Color Joe Nuxhall. It's a little more beat up than I care for. I typically hate when creases cross the face of the player and avoid the card. But I only have one other from the set, and what Cincinnatian doesn't love The Ol' Left-hander?

Twelve vintage Bowman in one package is sweet. Part 3 will come soon, where the rest of the package is shown off (7 vintage oddballs and some old Topps). Go Reds.