Monday, July 15, 2019

A bunch of y'all picked away at this, which is excellent.

There are still THOUSANDS of Reds cards I need to find a better home for.

Griffeys, Vottos, quarter cards, serial numbered, refractors, Reds team sets.

Come digging, kids. Here's a spreadsheet link:

email mattmccurryATgmailDOTcom with your lists. All prices are without shipping costs.

p.s. If you like other teams than the Reds (heresy!) lemme know, and I'll make you a deal for everything I have left of your team. It won't be much. Small pile of base with some inserts and parallels and busted-up vintage peppered throughout. I want them in your hands, not mine.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Come Over Here and Scavenge My Bargain Boxes

It's been a minute, kiddos.

This one is for all you Reds fans. Oh heck, the rest of y'all too.

Below is a detailed spreadsheet of everything I have for sale. It is all Reds (except for about a third of the Griffeys).

There is a tab of a few thousand quarter cards. Parallels, inserts, stars, oddities.
There is a tab of a thousand fiddy cent cards. Same as above, but, you know. Nicer.
There is a tab of dollar cards. These are super nice.
There is a tab of Reds team sets. All super cheap.
There is a tab of fiddy cent Griffeys.
There is a tab of quarter Larkins.
There is a tab of 150 or so $2 and up cards.

I've been purging everything except vintage, Topps flagship and its parallels, Kahn's, autos, relics, and my Adam Dunn PC. So you'll notice a lack of these things.

You can email me at mattmccurryATgmailDOTcom if you want to snag a pile. Shipping is extra, unless you buy an assload. Sorry I said ass.

Happy digging!


Oh, and if you're not a Reds fan, but still want in on the fun, I have a single box full of non-Reds base from the past 5 years and a half box full of non-Reds inserts/parallels. Let me know your team and I'll send you a bubble mailer for like a few bucks + shipping. I just want them gone.