Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Old Things

Roll em.

1970 Topps Super Johnny Bench. Nice warm-up pajamas, bro.

1961 Topps Magic Rub Offs. Looks like someone tried to actually rub the image off 50 years ago. Too bad, kid. Rest well knowing that a grown man will purchase the remnants of your toy five decades from now.

Here's some Topps stamps from years I forget. 1961 and 1969 maybe?

1963 Post Joey Jay. I think I'm down to the hyper-short prints for 60's Post. Gonna be tough.

1975 Topps Mini Jackson/Rose MVPs. I only need the Rose base and this team set is done. Too bad it's way more than I ever wish to pay.

1977 Hostess Pete Rose. Miscut. Crooked. Straggled. Perfect.

Go Reds. Please don't trade Disco.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Long Overdo Organization

All of you. Go to your local Mom-and-Pop-Destroyer store and pick up a three dollar packet of sticker sheets that run through your printer. Total game changer.

Three years of grabbing the wrong album are now over. I'm a slow learner.

Also, here's a Tony Blanco Relic for no reason.

Go Reds.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Completely Red: 1996 Bowman, 1996 Donruss, 1996 Leaf, 1996 Score

1996 Bowman

385 cards, 13 Reds


18 Barry Larkin
58 Reggie Sanders
128 Steve Gibralter
144 Curtis Goodwin
151 Pat Watkins
200 Calvin Reese
213 Scott Sullivan
215 Decomba Conner
227 Brett Tomko RC
235 Aaron Boone
244 Chad Mottola
366 Tim Belk
373 Eric Owens
1996 Donruss

550 cards, 20 Reds


 85 Pete Schourek
 112 Hector Carrasco
 139 John Smiley
 170 Xavier Hernandez
 178 Bret Boone
 193 Eddie Taubensee
 219 Reggie Sanders
 245 Thomas Howard
 267 Jeff Branson
 272 Hal Morris
 287 Darren Lewis
 306 Jeff Brantley
 415 Ron Gant
 442 Barry Larkin
 469 David Wells
 493 Benito Santiago
 500 Jose Rijo
 523 Mike Jackson
 531 Dave Burba
 540 Mark Portugal
1996 Leaf

220 cards, 6 Reds


65 Bret Boone
86 Pete Schourek
105 Checklist -  Barry Larkin / Mo Vaughn
122 Barry Larkin
146 Reggie Sanders
175 Hal Morris
1996 Score

517 cards, 19 Reds


5    Barry   Larkin
41  Darren Lewis
70  Bret  Boone
94  John Smiley
126   Benito Santiago
144   Mark   Lewis
190   Pete  Schourek
208   Jose  Rijo
251   Scott Sullivan
311   Reggie Sanders
330   Hal   Morris
337   Ron  Gant
362   Barry   Larkin
415   Eric  Anthony
458   Mark   Portugal
471   David  Wells
480   Gabe White
484   Jeff   Brantley
516   Barry Larkin Checklist 

Go Reds.

Monday, July 18, 2016


My collection has reached 16,000 unique Reds cards. That is too many. I love it. The 16,000th addition belongs to this 2016 Topps base card of Ramon Cabrera:

Sweet. I love catchers' gear. He looks like he's playing baseball in some future-set SciFi movie.

Here's the breakdown by year, for no good reason:

The big years:

2002 - 693
1992 - 668
1994 - 647
2013 - 608

1992 was the second year I was collecting. 1994 was the year baseball kicked us kids right in the gonads. 2013 is when I started collecting again. 2002, apparently, was a batshit insane year for collecting. I think 500 of the 2002's are just from Fleer.

Anyway, I'm still looking for a few more Reds fans to send cards to. I've gotten a few takers already. Send your address to mattmccurry@gmail.com

Go Reds.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Completely Red: 1988 Bazooka, 1995 Donruss, 1996 Kahn's , 2001 Post

1988 Bazooka

22 cards, 1 Red


 6 Eric Davis 
1995 Donruss

550 cards, 19 Reds


11        John Smiley
26        Bret Boone
100      Thomas Howard
101      Hector Carrasco
204      Reggie Sanders
210      Willie Greene
234      Hal Morris
241      Barry Larkin
287      Johnny Ruffin
290      Chuck McElroy
292      Jose Rijo
323      Eddie Taubensee
415      Deion Sanders
442      John Roper
469      Kevin Mitchell
500      Lenny Harris
508      Jeff Branson
523      Jeff Brantley
549      Brian Dorsett
1996 Kahn's Reds

34 cards, 34 Reds


Eric Anthony
Tim Belk
Bret Boone
Jeff Branson
Jeff Brantley
Dave Burba
Hector Carrasco
Eric Davis
Curtis Goodwin
Willie Greene
Lenny Harris
Thomas Howard
Kevin Jarvis
Mike Kelly
Ray Knight
Barry Larkin
Hal Morris
Joe Oliver
Eric Owens
Eduardo Perez
Mark Portugal
Jose Rijo
Johnny Ruffin
Chris Sabo
Roger Salkeld
Reggie Sanders
Pete Schourek
Scott Service
Jeff Shaw
John Smiley
Bernie Stowe
Eddie Taubensee
Coaches Card
2001 Post

18 cards, 1 Red


13 Barry Larkin

Go Reds.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Vintage Modern Vintage Modern Vintage Modern

First up, I got all 5 of the winners' lists, so I'll be sorting through all that later today. Second, if you're a Reds fan, you still have a chance to send me your address for a free pile of Reds goodness. mattmccurry@gmail.com.

Hey, let's go back and forth between some sweet vintage and some sweet new stuff, whatchasay?

1964 Topps Stand Ups Jim O'Toole. I'm very tempted to pop this out. Very tempted. But I won't.

2015 Topps Pro Debut. Many of these guys were thrown onto the big-league roster probably too early. Yea, rebuild!

1939-46 Exhibits Salutations Frank McCormick. 1940 MVP. Airbrushed goodness before airbrushing was cool.

2016 Bowman. Ok.

1976 Chilly Willee Discs Joe Morgan. Chilly Willee is one of the better backs for these 70's discs, obviously.

2014 Panini National Treasures Acetate Auto + Relic David Holmberg #67/99. Decent. I like the acetate Auto. Leave it up to a rogue company to innovate, right Topps?

Go Reds.