Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Boom. Lawyered.

Brad, aka MetalAttorney, sent some excellent Reds goodness my way. A Red Sox fan, displaced from the Northeast, he hasn't let the cornfields of Nebraska take away his fandom. Go check out his blog for some Soxitude.

Now onto my new adds.

2013 Topps Manufactured Patch Joe Morgan. Love this card. I wouldn't mind if these show up more throughout the years.

2013 Bowman Hometown Jeff Gelalich. Again, one of my favorite parallel sets. The 'C' cut out of 'California' is irking me, though.

1996 Stadium Club Midsummer Matchups Ron Gant/Edgar Martinez. Stadium Club obviously decided to channel Skybox Metal with this All Star insert set.

2005 Studio Diamond Cuts Ryan Wagner serial numbered 0123/1250. Always happy to have a serialed insert. I assume the design is allowing for an equivalent patch or auto card. Else they really should have made the background diamond pop more.

2013 Gypsy Queen White Frame Tony Perez. Now here's a solid effort. Most of us love the framed cards. Even the Gypsy haters seem to find these acceptable. And Perez is an all-timer. Sweet card.

Excellent lot. Thanks, Brad. And in honor of Homer Bailey no hitting the Giants, yesterday, GO HOMER AND GO REDS!

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