Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dumps Like a Truck

In lieu of anything monumental to post, I'm choosing to dump some scans and stupid comments of random newness to the collection that don't really fit anywhere, post-wise. We have some minor ebay victories, some throw-ins to some JustCommons orders, and some stuff I recall not from whence it came. Let's ride.

A nice prospect auto from 2012 Bowman. Sean Buckley is currently toiling away in Bakersfield, the A+ affiliate of the Reds. Ebay. Cheap.

2005 Topps Chrome Ken Griffey Jr. It seems Topps was still working out the bugs in their chromies as the relief is off-line with outline. No matter. Chrome Griffey is card goodness.

A bevy of 1992...O-Pee-Chee! Including the ones where, since OPC was released later in the year than Topps, we are greeted with a new Red in an old uniform and a "Now with Reds" stamp in the corner. I count these as Reds, no doubt. I also count OPC's with a non-Reds banner but a photo of a Reds uni, much like...

...this excellent 1979 O-Pee-Chee Pete Rose. He left for Philly after the 1978 season, but 1979 Topps still featured Petey as a Red, banner and all. A nice vintage card to have in my collection, but the pink and purple are not doin' it for me, man.

Pulled a super cheap Bobby Ayala auto. 99 cents. Free Shipping. I'll spend a dollar on a Reds auto all day long. Ayala spent his rookie and sophomore years with Cincy before being shipped to Seattle.

Picked up some 2013 Panini USA. My arbitrary rules for cards of players pre-professionally are as follows: 1. They were drafted by the Reds. 2. If not drafted by the Reds, their first professional game was with a Reds organization. 3. If neither, they were with a Reds organization at the time of the card's issue. For instance, I would not want a pre-professional card of Joe Morgan, but I would want one of Trevor Hoffman. For Barry, conditions are irrelevant. I'll take all Larkins. Green and Travieso were drafted by Cincy and are both currently in the Reds' minor league system.

Now here's a pile of set fillers to wrap 'er up. The Pokey Reese from '93 Bowman I've been missing for much too long. Rafael Gonzalez looks like a Disney villain with that leer. And that 2-bat pose of Austin Kearns is pretty slick.

Go Reds.

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