Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Not Dead, Not Back, Still Collecting, in Desperate Need of HOFers

As per the title, I am not dead, I am not blogging again (though I've been reading all y'all's), and I'm still collecting my beloved Reds.

I have been trying to complete a Hall of Fame binder. It's been oddly difficult. I am down to 13 needs. If any of you have a card of any of these guys, PLEASE SEND THEM TO ME. I never have a lot of trade bait, but I'll do my best to send ya some vintage or some minis or something.

Why is it so hard to find cards of HALL OF FAMERS??? Bah. Help a brother out.

mattmccurry AT gmail DOT com

Ray Brown
Andy Cooper
Barney Dreyfuss
Bill Foster
Frank Grant
Pete Hill
Alex Pompez
Cumberland Posey
John Schuerholz
Frank Selee
Hilton Smith
Ben Taylor
J.L. Wilkinson

I could also use a non-horizontal Happy Chandler. I prefer all these to be the same orientation.