Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Blog Bat-Around: Reds 40-Man Roster, No Corporate Autos Allowed

25 autos making the Opening Day roster. 15 autos from dudes who have yet to (and may not) make the majors at all. At least not as a Red, anyway.

Oh, and these ain't necessarily the best autos. Just ones I like a lot for various inane reasons.

Main rule is none of the super-soft auto sessions in an air-conditioned building with an agent and a fresh supply of sharpies. These cards need to have been mixing it up in the heat and dirt of a big-league park. Or the living room of the signer, I guess.

We start with the coaching staff:

Sparky, Dusty, Jack McKeon, Bob Boone, Ted Power, Bryan Price, Russ Nixon, Vern Rapp.

Corky Miller, Hank Foiles

Joey Votto, Mariano Duncan, Chris Sabo, Terry Pendleton, Gookie Dawkins, Alex Grammas

Eric Davis, Ron Gant, Jeff Conine, John Edwards, Adam Dunn

Jose Rijo, Jack Armstrong, Jim Brosnan, Johnny Cueto, Ricky Bones

Rob Dibble, Xavier Hernandez, Kent Tekulve, Danny Graves, John Franco, Clay Caroll, Raisel Iglesias




Ray Rippelmeyer, Tyler Stephenson, Hector Mateo, Daniel Renken, Aristides Aquino, Noochie Varner, Shed Long, Justin Towle, Travis Chick, Yasmani Grandal, Justice French, Jonathon Reynoso, Brandon Roberts, Narciso Crook, Ronald Torreyes

Go Reds.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Vintage Box Highlights aka Hot Damn What a Box

As mentioned yesterday, I bought about 800 vintage for 80 bucks. These:

What goodness lies within? We'll start off light, with boring ol' Hall of Famers and All Stars:

80 bucks for these 77 cards wouldn't be the world's worst deal. Especially given the 700 bonus cards. Which included...

Oh hello Mr. Mantle. You sure were a dime well-spent. On the topic of dimes well-spent:

Uhhhhh, that's 34 cards from the ultra-rare 1972 Topps High-Numbers. Woops. Guess I'll be making back that $80 noooooooooo problem. Congrats on the fees you're about to collect, eBay.

Go Reds.