Wednesday, July 31, 2013

UberRidiculous Card Tournament - R1/G4

We've narrowed the first 48 down to 12. This is going well. Gettin' some good cardboard into the second round. Let's see what Group 4 has to offer.

Group 3 results are here, and as always, ongoing results are in the tab.

Vote for 4, top 4 survive to see another day.

Voting closes Friday at noon eastern.

Card #1 - 1986 Topps #639 - Bo Diaz

Card #2 - 1997 Stadium Club #180 - Eric Davis

Card #3 - 1994 Topps #705 - Jose Rijo

Card #4 - 1967 Topps #44 - Joe Nuxhall

Card #5 -1992 Stadium Club #800 - Jose Rijo

Card #6 - 1995 Topps #56 - John Smiley

Card #7 - 1993 Topps Black Gold #14

Card #8 - 1957 Topps #165 - Ted Kluszewski

Card #9 - 1991 Topps #13 - Mariano Duncan

Card #10 - 1994 Collector's Choice #349 - Barry Larkin/Checklist

Card #11 - 2007 Upper Deck #617 - Javier Valentin

Card #12 - 1993 Flair #34 - Reggie Sanders

Card #13 - 1959 Topps #81 - Hal Jeffcoat

Card #14 - 2006 Upper Deck #125 - Chris Denorfia

Card #15 - 2001 Ultra #130 - Eddie Taubensee

Card #16 - 2006 SP Legendary Cuts #65 - Barry Larkin

Go Reds.

Round 1/Group 3 Results

We're hummin' right along with the ridiculousness. Group 3 winners are a nice mix of 90's junk and vintage goodness. The winner of the group is 1993 Upper Deck Joe Oliver, a group dark horse, with an excellent splay pose. Also moving on are 1973 Topps Darrel Chaney, 1995 Topps Barry Larkin, and 1963 Topps Fred Hutchinson. The fact that the 1993 Black Gold Barry Larkin didn't move on is a travesty. A TRAVESTY. The wheel of fortune is a fickle whore, I suppose. Round 1/Group 4 will be up later today. Go Reds.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Card Show Shenanigans - Part 2

Continuing the interspersion of the card show goodies in the UberRidiculous Card Tournament posts today (HEY, GO VOTE IN THE SIDEBAR). More vintage goodness to show off today. Woot.

In regard to the current trend of posting our card show woes, RE: interaction with rude humans, I too often find myself chanting "serenity now" a la Frank Costanza. The rare kid who shows up, at least in Columbus, tends to be very timid and polite. It's usually the 40-50 year old customer demographic that I've noticed is the most pushy, while the same age group for vendors is typically very helpful. It's the old-guy vendors who are grumpy and whining about how "the dag-blasted internets done ruined the bidness." all the while still charging the Beckett high for everything. 1994 Topps Barry Larkin for only $2.50? What a deal! The old guy customers, though, seem to be pretty nice around here, just quietly finishing up their 1954 Topps sets and forking over wads of hundreds while I dig through my dime boxes and grovel for some beat up vintage table scraps. So, summing up, I dislike people older than me, which is totally an original line of thought. 

Ok, that's all the whining I have in me. Onto the cards!

1933 Goudey George Grantham
Not exactly mint condition, but I only owned one Goudey, and not from the superior '33 set. Pretty cool card and I can pretend the scratches on the front are clouds if I squint. This is an excellent set. It's a shame I've waited so long to add one to my collection. 

1963 Topps Jim Maloney. 
All Star, Two-time No-Hit tosser, member of the Reds Hall of Fame, and a much needed card to pad my '63s. 

1934 Diamond Match Company Allyn Stout, Earl Adams, Mark Koenig
While not technically baseball cards, these are listed in most price guides, and they caught my eye. These were cut off of full matchbooks made by the Diamond Match Company in Akron, Ohio. I have pages of cards cut off of of Twinkies and cereal boxes, so I feel these are equally legit. Plus, 1934 trumps 1974 any day. I'd heard of Earl Adams, as my other Goudey card is of him, but these are the first of both Stout and Koenig in my collection. Pretty sweet little window into the past.

Go Reds.

Monday, July 29, 2013

UberRidiculous Card Tournament - R1/G3

Round 1 - Group 3, son. Let's get it on.

Group 2 results are here. Ongoing results are in the tab up top.

Voting is in the sidebar. Top 4 move on.

Voting closes Wednesday at noon.

Card #1 - 1993 Topps Black Gold #11 - Barry Larkin

Card #2 - 1955 Topps #69 - Ed Bailey

Card #3 -1993 Upper Deck #234 - Joe Oliver

Card #4 - 2000 Ultra #31 - Dmitri Young

Card #5 - 2012 Leaf Living Legend #7 - Pete Rose

Card #6 - 1999 Stadium Club #44 - Dmitri Young

Card #7 - 1951 Bowman #143 - Ted Kluszewski

Card #8 -2013 Topps Archives Mini Tall Boys #ED - Eric Davis

Card #9 - 1998 Stadium Club #240 - Bret Boone

Card #10 -1997 Topps #44 - Hal Morris

Card #11 -1995 Topps #350 - Barry Larkin

Card #12 -1963 Topps #422 - Fred Hutchinson

Card #13 -2010 Upper Deck #151 - Edinson Volquez

Card #14 -1996 Kahn's #17 - Hal Morris

Card #15 -2008 Topps Chrome #196 - Joey Votto

Card #16 -1973 Topps #507 - Darrel Chaney

Go Reds.

Round 1/Group 2 Results

Group 2 is over, and with a 4-way tie for first. 1972 Topps Tony Perez, 1989 Topps Chris Sabo, 1971 Topps World Series, 1959 Topps Dutch Dottier. I'm pretty upset that Owens cloud of dirt didn't move on, but such is life in this cutthroat world. For organization, I need to declare a winner, so I'm biasly awarding the victory to Chris Sabo since he was my favorite player as a kid. Long live the RecSpecs. Round 1/Group 3 will be up later today. Go Reds.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Soft Drugs and The Wiener the World Awaited - Card Show Shenanigans - Part 1

First of all, be sure to vote in Round 1 Group 2 of The UberRidiculous Card Tournament. Post is here. Voting is in the sidebar and ends tomorrow at noon, ceding to Group 3 soon after. Second, I hit up the quarterly Veterans Memorial Show in Columbus yesterday, so my loot will be interspersed among the tourney posts for a bit. Today I offer three over-sized vintage oddballs I nabbed from a vendor who's never short in delicious delectables.

1953 Red Man Tobacco Ted Kluszewski. 

Hefty crease aside, I picked up my first Red Man a few months ago (Bobby Adams) and just assumed that'd be the end of it. But that nasty crease puts this card right in the Red Cardboard wheelhouse of affordability. Remember kids, pester your pop to buy more drugs so you can collect some cards!

1963 Kahn's Don Blasingame and Gordy Coleman. 

Less than a month after my fabled "Wiener Week" where I graced you all with my Kahn's collections, how could I possibly pass up these two beauties? With perhaps the greatest slogan I've ever seen on a card, these went straight on the display shelf. While not nearly as slick as the full color cards they'd release the following year, these still have excellent scarcity. I'm pretty happy about buying these.

These alone would have been sufficient to consider the trip a success. But I'll have much more to show off while you're all stressing over voting. Go Reds.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

UberRidiculous Card Tournament R1-G2

Round 1 - Group 2 is on, baby.

Tourney info is in the tab up top.

Vote for your favorite four. Top four move on.

Poll Closes Monday at Noon Eastern

Card #1 - 2007 Topps #520 - Adam Dunn

Card #2 - 2002 SP Legendary Cuts #42 - Joe Morgan

Card #3 - 1975 Topps #284 - Ken Griffey

Card #4 -1959 Topps #228 - Dutch Dotterer

Card #5 - 2002 Ultra #194 - Dmitri Young

Card #6 - 1958 Topps #237 - Bill Wight

Card #7 - 1992 Triple Play #257 - Rob Dibble

Card #8 - 1987 Donruss #369 - Bill Gullickson

Card #9 - 1997 Topps #266 - Eric Owens

Card #10 -1971 Topps #330 - World Series ft. Darrel Chaney

Card #11 - 1995 Topps #568 - Kevin Mitchell

Card #12 - 1989 Topps #490 - Chris Sabo

Card #13 - 1972 Topps #80 - Tony Perez

Card #14 - 1909-11 t206 #145 - Tom Downey Fielding

Card #15 - 1997 Collector's Choice #308 - Pokey Reese

Card #16 - 1993 Topps #193 - Steve Foster
Go Reds.