Monday, July 22, 2013

Dave Concepcion Complete Topps Collection - Part 2 - 1980-1988

Dave Concepcion spent all 19 years of his career (2,488 games) with the Reds. A member of 4 penant winners, 2 World Series winners, and the Reds Hall of Fame, Davey redefined the shortstop position. It's a travesty that Concepcion is not in Cooperstown. The Veteran's committee needs to provide a remedy. 
With a career beginning in 1970 and ending in 1988, Davey graced the Topps base sets for 18 issues with some pretty excellent cardboard goodness. So much, in fact, they need split over two posts. We pick back up with 1980.

1980 Topps #220
1980 was a good design, but wasted without a nice photo from the playing field. Though I guess it might be a candid from the on-deck circle, I still would have liked a good shot of Davey turnin two here.

1981 Topps #375
Good action photo, just not framed very well. Don't know about that batter's stance, Dave.

1982 Topps #340
Concepcion's final of nine All Star appearances would be in 1982. He would also win the Silver Slugger award for shortstops.

1982 Topps #660
Nice sig. Nice hockey stick.

1982 Topps #661
Here's a nice photo of Davey puttin' one back, back, back.

1983 Topps #400
A collector-favorite All Star card design, though the close-ups are gettin a little stale.

1983 Topps #720
Now we're back in the upper echelon. Such a great card. Reminds me of Raising the Second Flag on Iwo Jima, Joe Rosenthal's famous photograph, with Davey's bat in place of the flag. Who doesn't love '83 Topps?

1984 Topps #55
Action shots are the norm by now, thankfully, and headshots are relegated to an inset.

1985 Topps #515
Another masterpiece, rivaling '83. We see Davey baffling some hapless infielders with his shuck-and-jive base running abilities. You cannot contain David Ismael Concepcion Benitez! You can't!

1986 Topps #195
While we have yet another close-up, I actually like this card. I have a soft spot for 1986 Topps for no reason at all (I wasn't even collecting for another 5 years).

1986 Topps #366
I also irrationally enjoyed these Leaders cards. Davey made the Reds' cut in '86, along with his heavenly aura, apparently. Dave Parker and Tom Browning would dominate the Reds roster in '85, and therefore the back of this card.

1987 Topps #731
While not quite up there with '83 and '85, 1987 would give us an upper-tier Davey. Looks like one of his 3,670 career putouts. Also, we have a nice cameo of future Red Herm Winningham. Sweet.

1988 Topps #422
Alright, I'll allow a close-up of a smiling Davey for his farewell card. By now, Dave was playing backup to some kid you may have heard of, Mr. Barry Larkin. Concepcion had quite a large torch to pass, and Larkin ran with it as far as anyone could. Concepcion was a part of 84 Reds games in his final year, his 19th season, including his only pitching appearance: 1.1 shutout innings against the Dodgers. Lifetime ERA: 0.00. Most. Excellent.

Go Reds.

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  1. Concepcion had quite a few awesome '80s cards! I think my personal favorite is the '87, closely followed by his '83 and '85 issues.