Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 Topps Series 2

Alrighty, we all know what to expect with Series 2. Let's check out the Red portion of Topps' flagship, newly bindered in my collection.

Here are all the non-short print base cards. This is a solid group of photos. We got BP turnin' two, we got Ludwick and the whole team celebrating a walk-off win, we got Mesoraco and Hanigan making sweet plays at the plate, and we got Homer celebrating on the mound after his no-hitter. Really happy with these. Good on ya', Topps.

Snagged 5 of the 8 Emeralds. So shiny. These will be hard to top next year. I have a feeling they'll use the blue sparkle from the Opening Day release in the 2014 main set.

Also snagged 6 of the 8 golds. They really need to make these gold parallels pop more. The golds are serial numbered and notably more rare than the emeralds, but everyone wants the emeralds more. 

Picked up, too, all the lower-end inserts. Four more '72 minis, adding to the Votto and Cueto from Series One. Nice to see Eric Davis sneak into the set. I really like the Making Their Mark parallels, here celebrating the first big league home runs of Zack Cozart and Todd Frazier. Most insert sets are packed with superstars. It's cool to see some solid starters get some love. Makes 'em affordable too. I was peeved that there weren't any Reds in the Chasing History insert set from Series One, even though it was a 50 card set. Of the 50 in Series Two, we get one Red, Joey Votto. It's a good looking set. I want more Reds. Gonna have to chase the relics and autos, I suppose. In 5 years, when they're affordable.

Pretty satisfied with these. Kudos, Topps. Kudos. Go Reds.

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