Monday, July 15, 2013

Show Time Showtime - Part 1

There was a small card show here on Saturday. There's a BIG show here in two weeks. So I should NOT have been thinking about going to this one. Then the goddess of fate shone her splendid light upon me in the form of me whooping some serious tail at the card table the night before. So with my newly found rubles, not only did I go to the show on very little sleep, but I decided to treat myself with some nicer cards. Well, nicer than my usual dime and quarter stuff. This is the first step toward being the dude searching for super mojo box hits, or whatever you kids are calling it. I'll never be going for Frank Robinson Auto Quad Patch Relic Gold Sparkle Parallel Serial Numbered out of 5 stuff. But every now and again, when Serendipity rubs my shoulders, I have no problem upgrading my usual fare of Topps Total base for some Votto Refractors and Bruce serials. I nabbed so many nice goodies, I think I'm gonna split it up over a few days.

Part 1: Refraction

Starting off with some 2012 Bowman X-fractors. Johnny Cueto and Mat Latos from the base set, in varying stages of their delivery. And Theo Bowe from the prospects set. Bowe is currently an AA Pensacola Blue Wahoo, one of the many awesome minor league names. Good start.

Also from 2012 Bowman, picked up some nice regular refractorness. An excellent pair from the base set, Joey Votto and Jay Bruce. Over a thousand slugging percentage points between em this year. Also, from the prospects set, Nick Travieso. Travieso is currently with the single-A Dayton Dragons, whom I've seen many times. Sweet.

Not to be outdone, the Topps base set is making an appearance. 2012 Devin Mesoraco Purple, 2010 Chris Heisey RC Refractor, 2011 Jay Bruce X-fractor, 2012 Jay Bruce Refractor. Bruce has many a card showing a celebration due to many an instance where he's winning a game with an upper-deck bomb. These two are no exception.

Last ones for today. Ismael Guillon (another Dayton Dragon) from 2013 Bowman Prospects. Looks like Bowman released a little chromeyness early with some choice inserts. This one is serial numbered 004/500. Also nailed a 2011 Bowman Joey Votto Refractor. The scan isn't showing any refractitude, though.

This is a quality lot. And we're only just getting started. Back tomorrow. Go Redlegs.

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  1. Nice finds! That 2011 Topps Bruce is one of my favorite cards of the decade thus far.