Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Show Time Showtime - Part 3

To sum up my spiel from two days ago ... small card show, decide to wait for the big one in two weeks, get money, reconsider, load up on goodies, post, post, post.

For Part 1, click here.
For Part 2, click here.

Part 3 - Parallelographs

So. Much. Stuff. And all good stuff. And we're still truckin'. Today, some choice parallels and a couple cheapie autos. On, soldiers!

We're startin' strong today. Eight of the sixteen Hometown parallels from 2013 Bowman. These are quite slick. For the curious we have Cuba (Aroldis Chapman), Venezuela (Henry Rodriguez and Ismael Guillon), Tennesse (Zack Cozart), Illinois (Tony Cingrani), Texas (Jay Bruce), New Jersey (Todd Frazier), and California (Tanner Rahier). With the Jeff Gelalich, I have nine of the sixteen. I would not mind if the rest found their way into the albums.

Four serialed Topps Golds. Always nice. I particularly like the 2005 Reds team card. As for the other three, Cueto would be an All Star this year had he stayed healthy, and Jay Bruce and Mike Leake probably should have been. They're both rockin' it this year. I may be a little biased, though. Maybe.

We've got an inaugural Bowman Ice issue of Tim Crabbe from 2012. Bowman clearly struck oil with these and made them a parallel set for everything in 2013. I approve. As for Crabbe, he's currently plowing away in AA Pensacola. Also, a shiny 2013 Topps Emerald Tony Cingrani RC and a less than shiny 2011 Topps Black Joey Votto Leaders with a nice ex-Red Adam Dunn inclusion.

Closing out the day are two on-card autos from 2002 Bowman. Mark Schramek played for four years in the minors without getting past AA. Chris Gruler also played four minor league seasons, not making it out of single A (and I apparently already had a Gruler auto). So perhaps the market demand for these wasn't terribly large. But hey. They'll live well in the Red Cardboard Autograph Album.

One more day of show goodies, kids. Back tomorrow with Part 4. Go Reds.

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