Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Trade + PWE = Cardy Goodness

First, a nice little swap with Oscar (Stealing Home). Check out here and here for some good old fashioned trade bait and Dodger goodness. We're both avid team collectors, so it's a bit rough finding cardboard we haven't already scrounged up for ourselves. But about 1600 emails later, here we stand, a day wiser and a dollar richer.

Let's see what unloading some of Los Angeles' finest brought home today.

Votto parallel? Always clutch. 2012 Topps Blue. Lookin good.

Bruce parallel? Yessir. 2012 Topps Update Blue. Sweet.

Here we have a favorite type of mine. The sneaky 90's parallel. 1994 Pinnacle Artist's Proof Roberto Kelly. While not terribly exciting (no new coating, no new photography, just a gold stamp) these were limited to a print run of 1,000, which, in 1994, meant they were practically non existent. Well this one exists in my Score/Pinnacle binder now. Excellent.

Oh, and we have another one. 1994 Pinnacle Artist's Proof Johnny Ruffin. Sweet. That's two down, twelve to go for the team set. Since I've only been back in the game for less than two years, I anticipate finishing this set sometime in 2023.

Thanks for the trade Oscar!

And now a quick PWE from Nick over at Dime Boxes. He's been referenced over here many times. We had a big trade a while back and I suppose Nick just couldn't handle not sending me cards (of which I approve greatly). Let's gaze upon the magic of a surprise PWE.
2013 Topps Series 2 Red Parallel Jay Bruce. My first red Red from Series 2. Sweet.

2012 Allen & Ginter Mini Drew Stubbs. I do not miss Stubbsy's OBP on the roster, but that does not mean I'm about to turn down an RC mini. Most excellent.

1966 Topps Tony Perez. Second year card from a Hall of Famer? Yeah, that'll do. And like all good vintage, it's been loved a little. Excellent photo, too.

Nick, your envelopes are always welcome in my mailbox.

Ain't the blogosphere grand? Go Reds.



  1. I found the Perez in a 15-cent bin at the local flea market recently and figured it was too good a steal to pass up. I already had a copy, but I thought you might like it.