Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dave Concepcion Complete Topps Collection - Part 1 - 1971-1979

Dave Concepcion spent all 19 years of his career (2,488 games) with the Reds. A member of 4 penant winners, 2 World Series winners, and the Reds Hall of Fame, Davey redefined the shortstop position. It's a travesty that Concepcion is not in Cooperstown. The Veteran's committee needs to provide a remedy. 

With a career beginning in 1970 and ending in 1988, Davey graced the Topps base sets for 18 issues with some pretty excellent cardboard goodness. So much, in fact, they need split over two posts. We start with 1971.

1971 Topps #14 - RC
Mayhaps I could use an upgrade. '71 is such a tough set to get in decent condition thanks to the black design. No mind. This Davey has been well loved. Here we have a young, 22-year old Concepcion prepping to take the helm at shortstop for the Reds, kicking off his Hall of Fame worthy career. 

1972 Topps #267.
Fan-favorite design. Well-framed. Long nameplate sneaking around the ribcage.

1973 Topps #554
An "action" shot. Technically.

1974 Topps #435
An actual action shot this year. You could not get a ball by Dave Concepcion on the ground. Could. Not.

1975 Topps #17
The first World Series title for the Big Red Machine. Sweet.

1976 Topps #48
The second consecutive World Series title for The Machine and the third All Star appearance for Davey. Got a nice action shot this year. Perhaps it's one of his 101 career homers? I choose to think so.

1977 Topps #560
A fourth All Star nod, but a pretty unexciting card.

1978 Topps #180
Davey gettin' ready to take some BP. '78 was a good year, design-wise, but wasted with too many up-close posed shots.

1979 Topps #450
Ah, back to the action. Good lookin' design. Good lookin' stance. A quality card to close out the decade.

Back tomorrow with Part 2 - 1980-1988. Go Reds.

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