Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Round 1/Group 3 Results

We're hummin' right along with the ridiculousness. Group 3 winners are a nice mix of 90's junk and vintage goodness. The winner of the group is 1993 Upper Deck Joe Oliver, a group dark horse, with an excellent splay pose. Also moving on are 1973 Topps Darrel Chaney, 1995 Topps Barry Larkin, and 1963 Topps Fred Hutchinson. The fact that the 1993 Black Gold Barry Larkin didn't move on is a travesty. A TRAVESTY. The wheel of fortune is a fickle whore, I suppose. Round 1/Group 4 will be up later today. Go Reds.

1 comment:

  1. Man! I only went 1 for 4 with this group (the Oliver). I'm glad that "travesty" was written in caps. Travesty indeed.