Friday, July 5, 2013

COMC Keeps Taking My Money

I keep finding nice cards on COMC, I keep clicking 'Add to Cart', I keep entering my payment information, and they keep taking my money. What devious people they are. But in all seriousness, it's a beautiful setup for a team collector who doesn't hunt for specifics. If it's vintage, relic, or auto, I don't have it, and someone is selling it for way too cheap, I am a happy little lad. My paypal account had around $34 in it and Paypal is officially a middleman between my ebay sales and COMC at this point. Let's go through the latest, including a biggie at the end.

Startin' off with three Bowmans from the '50s. On the left, 1950 Bowman Bob Scheffing, lookin' good in his catcher's armor. I'm always a sucker for vintage catchers in their gear. In the middle, 1952 Bowman Virgil Stallcup. Will look nice alongside my 1952 Topps Stallcup. And on the right, 1950 Bowman Johnny Vander Meer. Johnny's been getting a lot of shout-outs lately due to Homer Bailey's second no-hitter for the Reds. And we all know about Vander Meer's back-to-back no-nos for the Reds, curiously in his first 10 career starts. Also curious, he was back in the minors two years later. Quality trio.

I've been out-of-love with mem cards lately, so I'm only picking em up if they're particularly cheap (even by my standards) or particularly excellent. Well I find this one, 2009 UD A Piece of History Stadium Scenes /180, particulary excellent. Had the stadium photo been of the steamboat towers in GABP's outfield, then this card would be graded A+. Still nice though.

Snagged 6 on-card autos. Jeff Branson (6 years with Cincy), Thomas Howard (4 years), Tyler Pelland (7 years in the Reds' farm system), Cody Strait (4 years with the farm system), Ryan Snare (2 years in the farm system; played in one major league game with Texas), and Rob Bell (2 years with the Reds).

Also snagged 4 sticker autos. Jared Burton (5 years with the Reds), Jon Coutlangus (1 year), William Bergolla (1 year), and Brad Salmon (1 year).

And the biggest card of the haul...

1970 Topps #660 Johnny Bench. Hoo boy. Bench snuck in to the high number series in 1970, making this card his toughest aside from the '68 RC. But now it's mine, big crease and all. This completes the Topps player collection for me. Expect a few days of posts celebrating the Bench Topps run soon.

Nice haul. I should be saving up for the big Vet Show in Columbus at the end of the month. But instead, I'm tearing up COMC. I'm sure you all can relate. And I'm sure spending this money now won't affect my show budget in the least. Go Reds.

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