Sunday, November 13, 2016

Massive Card Show Haul - Part 7 (The End)

Here's the rest. Bunch of inserts and new base. Roll em.

Hello, Mr. Bench. That Leaf remake thing is serialed out of only 55. The Bottom two are serialed out of a couple thousand. Excellent.

Topps Heritage and Topps Archives insert goodness. I love finding new Kluszewskis.

A few of these are serial numbered. Bunch of sets I'd never heard of before. Love the die-cut pennant.

So much Bench. So many serial numbers. All of these are 'rare'.

That Bowman Sterling is about 6 inches thick. The Fleer Tradition Barry joins Griffey to finish the two-card serial-numbered insert Reds team set. Monster accomplishment.

Those are both the Reds entries in the Panini Cooperstown Historical Tickets set. One win and one loss. Acceptable.

More serial goodness. That's my second from the Leaf Exhibits homage set. There's like 5,000 versions of each card, each serialed out of less than 50. Kinda weird.

Someone was busting Bowman boxes. I'll take all the lame inserts, thanks.

Base, base, base. Happy to finally get some Adam Duvall in the collection. Oh and how about a sneaky Todd Frazier cameo?

Great show. Pumped for the next one in February. If the same dealers are there, I'll probably get into trouble.

Go Reds.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Massive Card Show Haul - Part 6

Day 6. How bout a big ol' pile of silly parallels, whatchsay?

Gypsy Color Minis. One of these is out of 199 and the other is out of 99. I forget which.

That Barry is out of 100. So is the Casey. And I will never tire of Diamond King sets.

Of course, 2005 DK was goofy. Repeated cards in the base set with a different write up on the back. Weak.

VINTAGE PARALLELS. OOOOH. And that Casey out of only 37 will do nicely.

Donruss Optic. The Peraza is a holo parallel. So to sum up. Not Chrome Refractors. Optic Holos.

Hall of Famer out of 99. Boom.

Some sneaky Upper Deck stuff. They should have made their golds stand out more.

Bowman goodness. Nice dented corner, Gant.

Fleer Tradition Glossy. Numbered out of only 100. I didn't even know I needed that Boone for my Reds set, as it was listed under the Yankees. Nice to knock out a /100 parallel before the base version.

More shiny Bowman goodness. Brucey is out of 250. And that Red shiny Wilkin Castillo? How about...

Five. Nice.

Still more to come. Go Reds.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Massive Card Show Haul - Part 5

Just three cards today. But they are pre-war. My favorite.

Boom. 1909-11 T206 Mike Mitchell. This puts me past the halfway point for the Reds team set. 12 of 23. Nice. Mitchell played 8 years in the bigs, the first 6 in Cincy, even getting a few MVP votes in 1911 and leading the league in triples in 1909 an 1910. Here's the back, a standard Piedmont:

Most excellent.

These two are from a 1938-1939 Reds sets catalogued as Orange/Grey W711-1. Alright then. Bucky Walters was NL MVP in 1939. Lonny Frey was a three time All Star. Both were members of the 1940 Reds championship team. The backs are simply write-ups with no set info:

Great finds.

More still to come. Go Reds.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Massive Card Show Haul - Part 4

Today we're going with 10 blind-faith autos. All I have to go on is the dealers word that these were acquired in-person. Good enough for me. Some good names checked off my list here. The impossible goal is one in-person and one official auto of every Red, and on a Reds card. Considering there have been 1,942 players dating back to 1869, I'm not optimistic. But I will get as many as I can anyway.

Brandon Phillips. 1,614 games as a Red, 2006-Present. 3 All Star games. Boom.

Homer Bailey. 174 games started 2007-Present. About 50 no-hitters.

Jack Billingham. 190 starts 1972-1977. Pitched in 7 Big Red Machine World Series games.

Aaron Harang. 213 starts 2003-2010. NL K's leader 2006.

Jonny Gomes. 323 games 2009-2011.

Ramon Hernandez. 269 games 2009-2011.

Paul Janish. 324 games 2008-2011.

Yasmani Grandal. 218 games in the Reds farm 2010-2011. Currently a Dodgers starter.

Bob Boone. 428 games managed 2001-2003.

Dusty Baker. 972 games managed 2008-2013.

More tomorrow. Go Reds.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Massive Card Show Haul - Part 3

Hmmm, let's see. How about some flagship parallels today, eh? Roll em.

2011 Topps Hope Diamond Parallel Joey Votto (!!!) and Scott Rolen.
These are serial numbered out of only 60. And so, so shiny. My firsts from this set.

2002 Topps Chrome Black Refractor Bruce Chen /100
2010 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor Edinson Volquez /50
These'll do nicely.

2002 Topps Gold Aaron Boone, 2004 Topps Gold Sean Casey, 2006 Topps Gold Aaron Harang Leaders, 2006 Topps Gold Royce Clayton. Someday I will have all the gold. ALL. THE. GOLD.

2014 Topps Target Red Mike Leake, 2014 Topps Red Hot Foil Sean Marshall, 2015 Topps Rainbow Foil Brennan Boesch. From the quarter bin. Perfect.

2012 Topps Black Chris Heisey /61, 2011 Topps Black Jay Bruce /60, 2005 Topps Black Scott "Moneyball" Hatteburg /55. Love the black parallels. Had about 3 or 4 before these. They're usually pretty expensive. These were not.

Still got a few more days of goodies. Go Reds.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Massive Card Show Haul - Part 2

Yesterday was 17 relics for 17 bucks. Today is 8 autos for 8 bucks. Roll em.

Brucey was all over the relic post. So he gets to lead off the autograph post.

I love the '93 Topps set. I love this auto card.

UD Masterpieces needs to come back.

Had a Kearns already, but this one's numbered out of only 100, so why not grab it?

Heath Murray was on the Reds payroll for 5 months, but never even played a game in the Reds' farm. Found his way onto a card in the Red, though.

Private Signings gold parallel from one of my favorite sets. Only 50 made. Sweet.

Heisey was all over yesterday's post as well. Heisey supercollector? No, not quite.

Gorgeous pitching face right here.

Looking back, I shoulda just bought out this guys entire table and put the work in to flip everything. Oh wait. Work. Nevermind.

More tomorrow. Go Reds.