Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trading All the Way to the Backstop

Marcus over at Backstop Cards runs a blog like mine, in that he is shamelessly promoting his team and all others can take a walk. His happens to be the Padres, mine happen to be the Reds, so we both are more than happy to unload one for the other. Let's get it to it.

The Guillon Silver was the impetus of the trade. It wasn't the only shiny of the bunch. The Rodriguez Emerald RC was needed. I've doubled up on the Wood orange, but one will find a new home.

Here's a tough parallel, 2013 Heritage Cueto Red Border. I figured I'd find these parallels in a quarter box two years from now once they're out of style. Well I'm one down, son.

More toughies, some 1990 Topps Pro Debut. Tough, as in there weren't a billion produced like the '90 base set, but they get lumped in with the bases and promptly discarded. I had the Oliver and Roesler, I needed the Richardson and Rodriguez. Sweet.

Some high quality goodness here. All cards I had, but still worthy of showing off. A future Hall of Famer, a current Hall of Famer, and a should-be Hall of Famer.

And a bunch more goodness. Most excellent. Thanks, Marcus. Go Padres, on your behalf. And, of course, Go Reds.

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  1. Glad you still needed the Red Cueto, that is a sharp looking card, a red bordered-Red. "All others can take a walk" is my favorite line of this post. Well said. Go Padres. And Reds.