Friday, June 28, 2013

Wiener Week! - Day 6

Kahn's is a meat processing and distribution company, famous for their hot dogs, founded and based in Cincinnati. They started making baseball cards in 1955 and continued into the late 1960's, focusing mostly on the Reds. In 1987 they re-introduced a Cincinnati Reds team set and have been producing a Reds set every year since. In honor of Kahn's, the Reds, and wieners, I proudly present an entire week dedicated to most phallic of foods and its Freudian presence in my collection.

Day 6 - 1994

I'm getting a strong flashback to 1992 Score with these cards. Big, faded color, vertical bar. Yep. And the framing of a lot of these shots bothers me. Chopped-off hands and elbows. Not Kahn's's's strongest release. 

As you can see, the Reds had a pretty vanilla roster in 1994, but they still managed to be in first place by the time the strike rolled around. Oh, what could have been.

Jose Rijo is looking mighty fine there, clearly about to fan some poor bastard.

Another frigging card of that dog. And another excellent coaches card. Boone and Knight would go on to become Managers of the Reds. Schottzkie would not.

Go Reds.

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  1. Before I even saw what the date was on this set, I said "Oh, yeah, that's the Nineties".

    I like how every card of Schottzie has "Official Mascot" on it... This ain't no unofficial mascot, this is the OFFICIAL mascot! Love my dog, you lowlifes, love him! LOVE HIM!