Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wiener Week! - Day 1

Kahn's is a meat processing and distribution company, famous for their hot dogs, founded and based in Cincinnati. They started making baseball cards in 1955 and continued into the late 1960's, focusing mostly on the Reds. In 1987 they re-introduced a Cincinnati Reds team set and have been producing a Reds set every year since. In honor of Kahn's, the Reds, and wieners, I proudly present an entire week dedicated to most phallic of foods and its Freudian presence in my collection.

Day 1 - 1988

We start with Jack Armstrong, the only rookie in the set and, hence, the only non-action shot of a player. The Davey Concepcion is a unique pose, and we can see the excellent posture of a young Eric Davis.

We can see a theme this year of batters at the plate and pitchers mid-pitch. The Franco, Jones, McClendon, McGriff, and Murphy are all excellent.

Here we see my favorite part of these sets: The coaches card. A nice smattering of Reds greats, assisting Pete Rose at the helm. It's nice they get some love, reminiscent of 1974 Topps. Also, the Ron Robinson is particularly good lookin', as is my boy Chris Sabo.

Well there ya have it. I'm guessing these will be new sets to most of you non-Redlegs, and maybe to a lot of you seasoned Cincinnati veterans. I hope you've enjoyed my wieners today.


  1. Those are some damn fine wieners!

    I've got a few of the Kahn's Mets sets, but I'd never seen any of the Reds sets before... and they haven't done Kahn's Mets cards in a long time.

    1. Thank you, kind sir.

      And regarding the Mets, I BELIEVE that Kahn's was the official weenie of Shea stadium for a while, then Nathan's took the reigns. Now we only must question why I know so much about wieners 'n' sports.