Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mini-Show Wrap-Up

Mini-Show in C-bus yesterday, populated by dealers whose dime and quarter boxes have been picked through by yours truly many times before. Still managed to find 51 cards I didn't have (out of the 110 I chose to roll the dice on). Let's go...

Hard to start stronger than New Griffeys. The Studios are always nice. The Upper Deck checklist is a short print, which is weird, since it's just a team checklist. But hey, I suppose that's why it's eluded my for so long. Next...

New Larkins. Incuding a stupid 2012 Panini Cooperstown Credentials. Does that even count? Moving on...

1990 Topps? Who cares? Ah, but they're Topps Tiffany. The Larkin and Bench have a disproportionate value. Fantastic finds for a dime box.

More subtle Topps parallels. You'll notice the small "Limited Edition" foil above the names here. Found only these four, which are the best four from 2001. The rest of the Reds set is probably buried in the dealer's garage. Such is life. 

Random pile of goodness. Chrome Aaron Boone rookie. Chrome Deion insert. Chrome Ismael Guillon Prospect, finishing my 2013 Bowman needs. Three RCs across the bottom. Good stuff.

A Sean Casey-heavy day, which I enjoy. The Topps Heritage is a short print, so good thing I risked the dime on a card I thought I had, but didn't. Still looking for someone to play MLB showdown with. I think I have 10 of those cards. So I wouldn't exactly be a power-player.

Found six serial numbered cards in the quarter boxes. The serials on these are /450, /450, /899, /999, /1000, /2250. I don't know who comes up with these numbers and what goes through their minds, but I would like to know. The Adam Dunn Ultimate Collection on the top left is serial numbered 001/450, which is my first numbered 1, unless you count the two printing plates I own. Nice.

Another random pile. A nice Joey Votto Black Border parallel (with two non-Reds sullying the card). Stickers count as cards right? Hey, there's another stupid 2012 Panini Cooperstown Credentials. The Prospects challenge card doesn't really count, but it's got Billy Hamilton on it, so, yeah, it counts. I even went so far as to pick it up, even though I had last year's, which is identical, because on the back it says 2013 instead of 2012. I may have a problem. Let's close it out with the only two I picked up from a display case, not from a sea of boxes...

A couple nice relics. I had never heard of the Coaches Collection series. Interesting idea. I'm curious why they chose to show a Ken Griffey Yankees card when plenty exist from his Reds playing days. The Joe Morgan/Chase Utley Duel Jersey card is an excellent design, except for the stamp border. Get rid of that and this is one of the better duel designs I've seen.

Alright, good show. It successfully got me geared up for the big Veteran's Memorial Show in July. I'll try to survive. Go Reds.

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