Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Babies - Part 1 of 2

Whether through trades, ebay, sportlots, justcommons, or mugging children outside my local card shop, I've got a bunch of new babies to add to my crib. So much, in fact, I've decided to only show the cool stuff, and leave the fillers where they belong: adding girth to the albums. Also, let's break it into two posts. I wouldn't want to over-stimulate all you kiddies. Let's see what the angels of collecting have bestowed me this day...

2012 Bowman Chrome Xfractor Joey Votto, 2007 Topps Chrome Refractor Brandon Phillips. I'm still on board with all the goofy parallels out there. I know it's preposterous. But whatever. I enjoy it. And when I nab a nice parallel of a big time player, like Votto, I get happy. So if everyone else keeps hating on the Chrome Refractor/Xfractor/Orange/Purple/Green/Gold/Blue, that's just fine. Keep driving those prices down. More goodness for me. In fact...

Bam. Seven chrome refractors from 2005 Bowman. Four fledgling minor leaguers, Tyler Pelland, Javon Moran, Jesse Gutierrez, and Thomas Pauly, two guys who got called up to The Show, then promptly sent back, Craig Tatum, Drew Anderson, and a current starter in the Reds' rotation, Homer Bailey. Nice.

2011 Gypsy Queen Great Ones Johnny Bench. Good lookin' card. Bench cards always look good. And Topps is using a photo I haven't seen before, which is increasingly rare.

Three new autos. Donnie Joseph, Sean Watson, and Travis Chick, on-card. I like the old-school-ness of the Chick card.

And let's close it out with some new Griffeys. An Upper Deck Ovation, with some nice relief of the baseball stitching, and a Fleer Focus.

Good stuff so far. Check back tomorrow for more Mike Leake-esque dominance. Go Reds.

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