Monday, June 24, 2013

Wiener Week! - Day 2

Kahn's is a meat processing and distribution company, famous for their hot dogs, founded and based in Cincinnati. They started making baseball cards in 1955 and continued into the late 1960's, focusing mostly on the Reds. In 1987 they re-introduced a Cincinnati Reds team set and have been producing a Reds set every year since. In honor of Kahn's, the Reds, and wieners, I proudly present an entire week dedicated to most phallic of foods and its Freudian presence in my collection.
Day 2 - 1992
Featured prominently is the second year card of Schottzie, the Reds' officially unofficial mascot under the inimitable owner/curmudgeon/questionable-memorabilia-collector Marge Schott. Quality card. Barry Larkin stands out as the only player card on the page not at the plate.

Excellent pitching deliveries from Scott Bankhead and Jose Rijo. And a nice Dime Box-approved Darnell Coles.

Louie Pineilla undoubtedly is bottling up some rage in the center. And we close it out with a sneaky Tony Perez coaches card. 

Nice wieners. Go Reds.

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