Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Barrys

Recent transactions have netted me a few new Larkins. The count is up to 631. I have an official goal now of 1,000 unique Barry Larkin cards. I am giving myself one year from today to hit it. Let's see the latest...

1994 Leaf Limited. These were pretty incredible when they came out. A billion cards nowadays look like this, but back then, these were pretty dang special. Never had the Larkin, though. Remedied.

Three semi-premium additions. 1998 Topps Gold Label, 1998 Bowman's Best, 1997 Flair Showcase. These'll do. 

Some generic bases. 1997 UD3, 1995 Score Summit, 2000 Aurora. 1995 Summit is underrated.

1996 Collector's Choice Silver Signature, 2000 Pacific, 1998 Pacific, 1999 Skybox Thunder. Other than a nice Silver Sig parallel, not much going on here.

My favorite of the bunch, a 1995 Tombstone Pizza. From other pictures I've seen of this set, this is NOT miscut. It's designed that way. Fair enough. It shall grace the oddball album with aplomb.

Go Reds.


  1. Nice cards - I'm having a blast collecting various Larkin cards as well. As for your Tombstone card, I do believe it is miscut a bit, here's mine for comparison: http://fanofreds.blogspot.com/2010/11/barry-larkin-collection-67-1995.html

    I'm doing quite terrible on the many, many parallels of Larkin, especially the silver (and gold) signature cards from late 90s Upper Deck stuff.

    1. yeah, i figured tombstone quality control isn't terribly thorough. it's still an awkward design. i have a few duplicate barrys lying around. shoot me your address and i'll get em to ya (mattmccurry AT gmail DOT com)