Wednesday, June 5, 2013

COMC Treats - Part 2 of 2 / 100th Post

First of all, I'm in awe of myself that I've actually stuck to this blog for 100 posts. I'm pretty stoked to have found this nice blogging community of card nerds. That's as close as I can get to sappy, and that's about enough of it.

Second, let's check out that last card from my latest COMC binge. I never thought the price would be right for this card, and if I ever were to get one, it would be beat to hell. Well, I got one... and it's beat to hell. But still presentable. What is it?...

BLAM! A 1968 Topps Johnny Bench Rookie Card. Johnny. Bench. Rookie. I'm... so happy. The corners are rounded so much they're almost as circular as the photo framing. I don't care. There are creases across 6 or 8 different areas of the card, included a huge, lateral one. I don't care. The cardboard is splitting around the edges. I don't care. Such a great pickup. 

In 1968, Johnny Bench was named Rookie of the Year, named a National League All Star, was 16th in MVP voting, and won the Golden Glove for catchers. Not bad. 

And I guess I should mention the other gentleman on the card. Ron Tompkins (pictured in an Athletics uniform) never pitched an inning for the Reds, but pitched 10.1 for the A's in 1965 and 39.2 innings for the Cubs in 1971. So, slightly less successful than Johnny. In fact, this, and the Venezuelan issue, are the only cards in existence of Tompkins for the Reds, so that's nice I suppose.

This pickup means I only need the 1970 Topps Bench high number base card to have the entire Topps collection of Johnny Bench as a player. That card is as hard to come by for cheap as this one. I hope the angels of collecting shine upon me again soon.

Happy 100 to me. Go Bench, and Go Reds!


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    1. Many thanks. I have some Yankee goodness i need to find a more loving home for, so shoot me your address.

  2. Beautiful pickup and congrats on 100 posts!

    1. Many thanks. I have some dimebox goodness to send your way. shoot me your address.