Monday, June 17, 2013

1933 Goudey #213 - Earl Adams

My first Goudey card. Was extremely happy to see it in the mailbox. Goudey has always eluded me since the prices are usually pretty high, and given the choice, I'd always opted to snag a beat up t206 over an okay Goudey. But this one was so affordable, I hadn't a choice, 

Earl "Sparky" Adams began his career in 1922 with the Cubs. Then hit the Pirates and Cardinals before landing in Cincy in 1933. However, during that time, baseball cards were scarce, so this '33 Goudey is technically an RC. Technical RC's are the best RC's. Well, not really. But still, it's nice he snuck on to a few cards before retiring after the 1934 season. 

According to the back, Adams towered at 5'4" and 150 pounds, an inch shorter than current short-of-stature poster boy Jose Altuve. Needless to say, he was not a power hitter. But he did cross the .300 mark a couple times and was a talented infielder.

Oh, and I'm currently pretending the brown stains on the card are part of the art to simulate a ballfield. 

Go Reds.

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