Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dmitri Young and His Swan-like Grace

Dmitri Young was listed at 6'2", 255 lbs, yet danced around the base paths like a nubile, Italian ballerina. With 25 stolen bases in a 13 year career, Dmitri Young is the all-time leader in the category for blonde-haired, black men of the late '90's/early 2000's who played outfield for the Reds. Young floated through the ballpark as if a champion ice skater, gliding to a gold medal in Nagano. The audience would pause, peanuts half-cracked, beers half-sipped, hot dogs dangling suggestively at their mouths, so as not to disrupt the delicate air around Dmitri as he would slide forth a third time into second from first. Such elegance. Such beauty. Such flair. Like the aurora borealis, we are only witness to nature's unique majesty a few times a year, but when it occurs, the gods hark with heralded hearts at the blessing of a Dmitri Young swan-dive.

Go Reds.

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