Friday, June 21, 2013

1940 Play Ball #79 - Harry "Wildfire" Craft

I had a few of these to choose from. The price was low, but not so low I could justify multiple purchases. So I told myself to choose one. Why this one? DAT. NAME. Wildfire Craft sounds like you're describing someone's explosive pitching style: "Walter Johnson honed his volcanic pitching skills in the Kansas prairies, torching the local high school teams with his fastball. This wildfire craft carried him into the bigs where he set over 90 pitching records." Now, Harry Craft here, was not quite up to the level of The Big Train: Six years in the majors, all with Cincy as a center fielder. Spent some time as a manager, too.

The Play Ball sets of this era, as you can see, weren't exactly the most vibrant. But they did offer photos, which was novel. The following year, Play Ball went with color portraits. Personally, I'll take a drab photo over a colorful painting when it comes to super vintage. My card is pretty beat up around the edges, and there's some rips/creases. No big deal. I'm glad to add a 2nd 1940 Play Ball to the collection.

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