Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wiener Week! - Day 5

Kahn's is a meat processing and distribution company, famous for their hot dogs, founded and based in Cincinnati. They started making baseball cards in 1955 and continued into the late 1960's, focusing mostly on the Reds. In 1987 they re-introduced a Cincinnati Reds team set and have been producing a Reds set every year since. In honor of Kahn's, the Reds, and wieners, I proudly present an entire week dedicated to most phallic of foods and its Freudian presence in my collection.

Day 5 - 1997

Another card of that damn dog. This time, a regal, posed shot, instead of a candid. I enjoy any team set with the Boone brothers. They played together in '97 and '98. 

Mike Morgan, who I had to research because I didn't remember him, evidently had a 25 year playing career, in which he played for 12 major league teams. His first pitch was in 1978 (age 18) for the A's and his last pitch was in 2002 (age 42) for the Diamondbacks. Amazing. He even played for 10 different minor league teams peppered throughout his career. That's 22 teams. Damn. Oh, and nice Barry.

Go Reds.

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