Tuesday, June 4, 2013

COMC Treats - Part 1 of 2

What happens when my Paypal account gets over $30? Cash out? Save the money, like a responsible adult? Parlay the money into investment? NO SIR. I turn it into cardy goodness. Let's see what the COMC elf has lain at my doorstep this day...

First, some nice vintage. 1955 Bowman Birdie Tebbetts (coach) and Johnny Temple (RC). I'm only missing 3 cards from this set now, and they're the highest numbered, so I likely won't have them until some miracle occurs. The Bob Purkey is the Jello version, not the Post. Good start. Moving on...

1963 Topps Rookie Stars #29 - 1962 Variation. I had the "1963", now I have the "1962". I like the old school variations, though many are hard to come by. This one was on the cheap, and is in much better shape than my more common "1963". Excellent. Next...

Six new autos. All for cheap. Alexis Oliveras, Josh Roenicke, Dan Tuttle (on-card), James Avery, Ryan Wagner, and Chris Gruler. If you've never heard of Chris Gruler, that's probably because he only pitched 27 career games, all for the Reds' Rookie League and Single-A teams, before fading into the night. But, hey. He's still worthy of enshrinement in the ol' Red Cardboard auto album. Last up for today...

Four jersey cards (Scott Rolen, Adam Dunn, Ryan Freel, Adam Dunn) and an Adam Dunn bat card. This brings my Dunn relic count up to 33, which is massive. I will eventually pull all the swatches out of their cards and sew together a full size Dunn jersey. This will only cost me $25,000 or so.

There is one more card from this haul that I'm waiting until tomorrow to show off. I never thought I'd pull the trigger to own it, but for the price, I had to. It's worthy of its own post and it lines up nicely with what will be my 100th post. 'Til tomorrow, Go Reds (and would you stupid Cardinals lose a game or two already? Come on.)


  1. That's using 30 dollars well. If I had 30 dollars to spend on COMC, I'd probably wind up with 5 cards.

    1. what helps is at shows, or online, i NEVER look for anything specific. i just take scattershot for any Reds I don't have, priced to move. luckily, that's the type of collecting i enjoy.