Thursday, September 25, 2014

Some New Stuff - Part 1/3

Got a big ol' stack of Reds from JustCommons. So many, in fact, that they won't fit into one, or even two, posts. Well, they would. But, you know. What would our blogs be without dragging out card packages, eh?

Today we'll check out the 2014's.

2014 Ginter Billy Hamilton RC. Good lookin card, here. Love the new Ginter. Love the sparse Ginter action shots. Love Billy.

The rest of the Ginter needs. The Phillips is the lone Reds short print. Thank goodness.

2014 Donruss Series 2. Only missing the Hamilton.

2014 Topps Mini. Not even close to the whole team set. But the whole set of reasonably priced ones.

2014  Topps Chrome. Missing the two RCs: Hamilton and Holmberg.

2014 Topps Chrome Refractor Brandon Phillips. Look how excited Phillips is to be on a refractor!

2014 Bowman Platinum Chapman, Latos. I like these better than most other Platinum releases. I mean, the design elements are on the side now. The side!

2014 Topps 1989 Die Cut Mini Joey Votto, 2014 Panini Golden Age Mini Vada Pinson. Noice.

Go Reds.

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