Saturday, September 27, 2014

Some New Stuff - Part 3/3

The rest of the JustCommons loot. Yeppers.

1993 Finest Barry Larkin. Nice. I held it under a light at every angle hoping it would refract. No such luck. Hey, there's one on eBay for the low low price of $75. PASS.

Some 'vintage' Bowman parallels of my boy. So much dust.

Donruss Elite Extra Edition. So they kept most of the players from the regular Elite set, with the same photos, but then replaced some players. For instance, Graves and Casey are not in the regular set, but Dunn is, sans foil. Ok then.

A cavalcade of needs here. Love finding Corkys.

Aw man, did I screw up my catalog of needs? Did I order the wrong number? Do I have to check this set again for Reds? Why can't I properly organize myself? Oh wait. It says 'Reds' under his name. TOTALLY COUNTS.

Go Reds. And Go Bucks.

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