Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Completely Red: 1972 Topps

This team set is a hy-uuuuuge weight off of my collecting shoulders. We are all aware of the high number scarcity of this set, so the pickins have been slim, especially for the Pete Rosea and the Joe Morgan traded. Also, a massive 17 All Stars have put many of these cards at a premium. Some eBay-fu allowed me to sneak up on the back end and finish this set. And it looks great in the pages at precisely 36 cards.

Now the design, well, I know it's mostly loved. And after the gray 1970 and black 1971, Topps was certainly in need of some color. But geez. This is so gaudy. Maybe if I had been alive in the 70's, smokin some ganja and listening to disco I would understand it. But here we are. I'm still happy to have em all.


Cards - 36

RC's - 3 - (Ross Grimsley, Ed Armbrister, Mel Behney)

All Stars - 17 (Tony Perez, Lee May, Ross Grimsley, Jim McGlothlin, George Foster, Dave Concepcion, Hal McRae, Clay Carroll, Johnny Bench, Gary Nolan, Jack Billingham, Denis Menke, Pete Rose, Jim Merritt, Julian Javier, Joe Morgan, Wayne Simpson)

Hall of Famers - 4 (Tony Perez, Johnny Bench, Sparky Anderson, Joe Morgan)


3 Bob Tolan
80 Tony Perez
89 NL Home Run Leaders
99 Ross Grimsley
121 Ed Sprague
136 Darrel Chaney
157 Don Gullett
236 Jim McGlothlin
256 George Foster
267 Dave Concepcion
291 Hal McRae
292 Hal McRae IA
311 Clay Carroll
312 Clay Carroll IA
358 Sparky Anderson
382 Joe Gibbon
417 Tom Hall
433 Johnny Bench
434 Johnny Bench IA
463 Bernie Carbo
475 Gary Nolan
524 Rookies Stars – Ed Armbrister / Mel Behney
542 Jack Billingham
559 Pete Rose
560 Pete Rose IA
586 Denis Menke
614 Ted Uhlaender
651 Reds Team
659 Bob Aspromonte
705 Pat Corrales
706 Pat Corrales IA
719 Cesar Geronimo
738 Jim Merritt
745 Julian Javier
752 Joe Morgan TR
762 Wayne Simpson

Go Reds


  1. Nice job. Quite the set. I just completed the whole set it's a monster. Then I went back and did a second separate Sox team set. Complete with all the cards that make up the Yaz puzzle. Which included having to pickup a second Rose in action card.