Saturday, September 13, 2014

Baseball Cards

Hey! I purchased some baseball cards! Oh wow! Here they are! Exclamation point!

1972 Topps #752 Joe Morgan. This is one of the tougher cards to get from the good ol' '72 set. High number + Hall of Famer + first Reds card + hilariously awesome 'TRADED' stamp yields a pretty expensive card. Unless, of course, it's so grossly miscut that we see the border of not only the card above it on the sheet, but the card next to it as well. Does this bother me? No, because now I can check this off. Ballin.

1972 Topps #719 Cesar Geronimo. Another beaut from the '72 High Numbers. Geronimo was the starting center fielder for The Big Red Machine, so his Reds cards are slightly above 'common' status. No All Star appearances, but 4 Gold Gloves and election into the Reds Hall of Fame highlight his career. Just one card away from completing the 1972 Topps set. Sweet.

2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition Franchise Future Autographs Chad Rogers /350. Rogers was drafted by the Reds in 2011 and has steadily progressed through the farm, playing for AAA Louisville this year. He has transitioned from starter to reliever, so, given the Reds current middle-relief dearth, we may see him soon.
2010 Topps Xfractor Johnny Cueto. I love Cueto. And I hate stupid Kershaw for being all good and stuff and not allowing Johnny a Cy Young Award.

Go Reds.

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