Tuesday, September 30, 2014

COMC vs. My Wallet - Part 1/2

I'll spare you the drama. COMC wins.

Here be the latest cards from everyone's favorite site for cheap vintage. Purchased with money that could have been spent on bills, groceries, investments, or home improvements. Ha! Don't be ridiculous.

1948 Bowman Johnny Wyrostek. My first from the set, which was Bowman's first.

1976 Greyhound Heroes of the Base Path Joe Morgan. This was a 6 card set consisting of 4 players, all stolen base guys. Clearly a play on how fast Greyhound gets you to your destination. Or something. They're oversized and perforated. The back...
... highlights the dubious honor of Joe Morgan's 7x runner-up-ness in the SBs. Excellent oddball.

1973 Kellogg's Gary Nolan. This looks like a hostage photo.

1977 Kellogg's Fred Norman. Oh man. Such 3-D.

1972 Topps Pete Rose IA, 1962 Toppps Chico Cardenas. The former finished the team set. The latter is an autograph replacement.

1971 Topps Coins Lee May. I definitely don't care about collecting the various coin releases. But this was staring at me for a buck. The trigger was pulled.

1962 Post Ken Hunt. I still have a bunch of Post needs, but so many are so rare. It's a joy to pick up any new ones lately.

1976 Isaly's/Sweet William Discs Tony Perez. I will forever love these discs and their odd promotions.

Part 2 tomorrow, kids. Don't forget to vote in the Ugstravaganza finals. Go Reds.


  1. Nice cards, that Joe Morgan looks spotless. I've luckily talked myself into not buying on COMC much lately. I have a few bucks on there left, so if I need something I can get it, otherwise, I'm hoping to wait until around November to get some deals.

  2. Groceries, utilities and lawn fertilizer are all overrated in the face of vintage baseball cards!!

  3. Good deals. I personally love the old coin sets