Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Err Ball - Part 1

This begins a series of posts on Reds error cards (limited, of course, to cards I actually have).

Today we're looking at cards that were actually corrected mid-print run, of which I have six pair.

1988 Score #297 Terry Francona. I suppose 'Franconia' sounds a little more natural rolling off the tongue once you're in Italian over-pronunciation mode. And Terry wasn't quite as well known as he is now, being mostly a back-up for a few teams in the 80's.

1989 Score #552 Jose Rijo. Try to spot the error. ... Jersey number under his name should be 27, but was originally listed as 24. Damn you, numeric keypad with the 7 right above the 4.

1990 Score #338 Ken Griffey. I'm beginning to see a theme. Score screws up, but at least they have the wherewithal to fix it. This is another jersey number mistake, though more forgivable. Griffey wore 30 when he started with the Reds from 1975 to 1981. Then, when he came back to the Reds in 1988, he took number 25, but switched back to 30 the following year.

1974 Topps #608 Bob Apodaca, Dick Baney, John D'Acquisto, Mike Wallace. A nice vintage correction, though not regarding Red Dick Baney. 'Bob Apodaca' was misspelled as 'Bob Apodaco'. It's spelled correctly on the back for both.

1987 Donruss #22 Eric Davis DK. You could read the blurb all day and not find any errors. The 'error' is in the design. That banner up top is supposed to be filled with yellow. The Davis was originally put out without the yellow. Good thing they fixed that, man.

1991 Topps #780 Randy Myers. I'll save you from jumping back and forth between gridded numbers and tell you to look at the career loss totals. 6 + 3 + 4 + 6 = 19, I'm pretty sure. Not 15.

Part 2 tomorrow. Go Reds.

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  1. Every one of those 1988 Score has an uncorrected error. That stupid white box cutting off every head....