Thursday, September 18, 2014

Err Ball - Part 2

Part 1 here.
This continues a series of posts on Reds error cards (limited, of course, to cards I actually have).

Today we're looking at some typos and a couple left/right whoopsies.

1975 Topps/Topps Mini #622 Ed Armbrister, Fred Lynn, Tom Poquette, Terry Whitfield. 'Ney York' Yankees. Come on. The 'Y' isn't even near the 'W' on the keyboard, Topps.

1990 Topps #553 Scott Scudder. 'Cedar Rap1ds'. Twice. Nice copy and paste, bruh.

1991 Score #647 Hal Morris. This is tough to spot, particularly with the prevalence of this error in modern communication. Second to last line should be 'its'. Tsk tsk.

1990 Upper Deck #52 Chris Hammond. This one's even tougher. 10th line from the bottom, 'Chatanooga' should be 'Chattanooga'. Unless you're from Tennessee, there's no reason to know how to spell that, I suppose.

1985 Fleer #536 John Franco. Sandy 'Kofax'. Kofax? Come on, Fleer. This is one of the best pitchers of all time. Shameful.

1989 Fleer/Fleer Glossy #636 Danny Jackson/David Cone. Second paragraph, Orel 'Hersheiser'. Less egregious than 'Kofax', but still a dis to ol' Orel.

1991 Score #666 Barry Larkin AS. An awkward word, admittedly, but six lines from the bottom, 'cooly' should be 'coolly'.

1992 Fleer Team Leaders #3 Chris Sabo. Ignore the shit reference to 'another Reds third baseman' (PETE EFFING ROSE) and check the fifth line from the bottom: he 'it' a scalding .563.

1991 Donruss #763 Billy Hatcher WS. Twelfth line in the write-up, 'no on' had ever, tainting an otherwise excellent tribute to Hatcher's record-setting World Series.

1991 Score #373 Rosario Rodriguez. Check the pic on the front, with Mr. Rodriguez's devastating left handed delivery. Yet, on the back, 'Bats Right, Throws Right'. 1991 Score on auto-pilot, baby.

1991 Upper Deck #746 Reggie Jefferson. Again, 'Throws Right'. Check the picture, Upper Deck. You're a threat to lose that MLB license in twenty years.

Part 3 tomorrow, kiddies. Go Reds.