Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vote in the Ugstravaganza

We interrupt Donkey week to close out the second round of the Ugstravaganza brackets. Eight hideous match-ups for your eyeholes. Keep on the lookout for some hot Greene on Greene action.

Vote for the ugliest. Voting closes Sunday at noon eastern. Go Reds.

Match-Up AK: #2 1991 Classic 4-Sport Calvin Reese vs. #31 1990 Donruss Scott Scudder

Match-Up AL: #15 2013 Triple Play Jay Bruce vs. #47 2002 Topps 206 Juan Encarnacion

Match-Up AM: #7 1984 Donruss Dave Concepcion DK vs. #26 2006 Topps Co-Signers Adam Dunn

Match-Up AN: #10 1989 Donruss Chris Sabo DK vs. #42 1995 Fleer John Courtright

Match-Up AO: #3 1992 Rembrandt Ultra-Pro Hal Morris vs. #30 1989 Fleer MVP's Danny Jackson

Match-Up AP: #14 1994 Bowman's Best Tim Belk vs. #19 1998 Pacific Online Scott Williamson

Match-Up AQ: #6 1992 Bowman Willie Greene vs. #27 1998 Pacific Omega Willie Greene

Match-Up AR: #11 1988 Nestle Buddy Bell vs. #22 2001 Kahn's Mr. Red


  1. That Panini Triple Play series really produced some of the ugliest cards of all-time. The Starlin Castro from that set gives me nightmares.

    1. Agreed. I probably could've selected a couple more from the original 100, but I tried not to repeat sets. The Bruce is a quality representative of the Reds team set, though.

    2. Oh, it wouldn't be fair to the Ugstravaganza if you allowed more than one!

  2. That Mr. Red mascot is pure nightmare fuel.

    1. i'm very happy we retired it in favor of the mustachioed mr redlegs