Friday, September 26, 2014

Some New Stuff - Part 2/3

More JustCommons goodies. Aw yes.

Hey, remember Just brand cards? Me neither. I kind of like em though. Especially that stupidly fancy Scott Carroll.

A couple more. And some Classic minor league goodness.

Mark my words. One day I will own every Reds O-Pee-Chee card.

Rube, Babe, Hod, Greasy, Bubble, Evar, Pid, Dolf, Morrie, Chick, Ival, Val. Man, names were so much better 90 years ago. These nearly finished my Conlon needs.

Finished the '86 and '88 Leaf team sets. Sweet. And these stupid Diamond King cards... There are 7 Reds in the first hundred cards, then Dunn, Casey, and Griffey show up again in the 300's. I had never seen em. Then I get these two. The fronts are EXACTLY THE SAME, but there is a different write up on the back. Weak shit.

2008 UD Documentary. Will I finish this team set some day? Not a chance. But I put a sizable dent in it...

Yikes. Go Reds.

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  1. I've been on an O Pee Chee binge myself. Great buys. Like the Conlins also