Saturday, September 20, 2014

Err Ball - Part 4

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This continues a series of posts on Reds error cards (limited, of course, to cards I actually have).
Today we have a bunch of bad stats, bad bio info, and some odds and ends. Whole bunch of em to wrap up the Err Ball series. Let's ride.
1965 Topps #472 Don Pavletich. Reds Catcher, listed as a pitcher. Luckily, some kid fixed this for me nearly 30 years before I was born. Thanks, kid.

1964 Topps #125 Pete Rose. Pete was born in 1941, not 1942. GEEEEEEZ Topps.

1959 Topps #448 Vada Pinson. Another bad b-day line. Vada was born on August 11th, not the 8th. UNFORGIVABLE.

1992 Donruss #586 Ted Power. The blue text up top describes how and when he was acquired by the Pirates the year prior. The Reds signed him in 1990 after his year in Pittsburgh.

1970 Topps Tony Cloninger. Pitching numbers, batting column heading. Woops.

1966 Topps #30 Pete Rose. Add up his three years of major league hits and you get 523, not 518. I realize Petey had too many hits to keep an accurate count, but not that early.

1990 Fleer Luis Quinones. From 1986 to 1988, Quinones was in hiding in a remote village in Thailand. Oh wait. Nope. Giants, Cubs, Reds. That makes more sense.

1990 Fleer #413 Todd Benzinger. Blurb says he hit .323 in Pawtucket in 1987. Stat line says .321. WHICH IS IT, FLEER?!? Spoiler alert. It's .323.

1990 Upper Deck Joe Oliver. First line of the write-up. "FL.ORIDA". Not to be confused with rapper Flo Rida, nor the state of Florida itself.

1989 Donruss #80 Eric Davis. Either the Reds played 3 extra games in 1988 or it should say 135. Probably the latter.

1989 Fleer/Fleer Glossy #174 Frank Williams. Bottom banners. 2.36 wins is an impressive feat.

1990 Bowman #47 Randy Myers. Career ERA is listed as a very impressive .274. It's actually the less impressive, but still All-Star worthy 2.74.

1992 Stadium Club #596 Barry Larkin. "AL Rank" in the large box. Um, no.

1958 Topps #478 Johnny Temple AS. Stat heading reads 'American League'. Again. No.

1991 Score #775 Bill Doran. Write-up places the Reds in the NL East. Back then we were actually in the West, which is admittedly strange. Even stranger was that the Braves were there with us.

1991 Fleer #69 Tim Layana. A weak error, but an error nonetheless. See that black dash below his career ER total? Yeah. Printing goof on all Layana's cards.

1997 Bowman #155 Calvin Reese. Stare at this card all you wish for typos or bad bio information. The error lies in the number. Reese should have been (and is listed as) card #155. He shared #156 with George Arias in this set and no #155 was printed.

And we close with an unforgivable error in the modern era of high-end card-dom. 2008 Topps Moments and Milestones Autographs #188 Brandon Jones. I bought this for a buck off COMC, assuming Brandon Jones was some fledgling minor leaguer I hadn't heard of. But wait. Brandon Jones is an Atlanta Brave. And had been his entire minor league career to this point as well. And he's black. Hey. THAT'S JOEY EFFING VOTTO. Cripes.

Go Reds.

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