Friday, September 19, 2014

Err Ball - Part 3

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Part 2 here.

This continues a series of posts on Reds error cards (limited, of course, to cards I actually have).
Today we have wrong photos, wrong names, wrong teams. Wrongness abounds.
1991 Ultra #89 Tom Browning. Except that's fellow Nasty Boy Norm Charlton. Tut tut.

1991 Ultra #94 Mariano Duncan. Hey, remember photos on the backs of cards? A for effort, except the dude on the right is Billy Hatcher.

1994 Kahn's John Smiley. Hello fellow Reds' pitcher Erik Hanson. Way to get on two cards in the set.

1995 Collector's Choice Silver Signature #424. One of my favorite error cards. Check the sig. It's Jack Morris. Nice.

1989 Fleer #637 Bobby Bonilla/Chris Sabo. Third paragraph, apparently Bobby Bonds was a member of the late 1980's Pirates.

1992 Topps Gold/Gold Winners #465 Barry Larkin. Astros. ASTROS?! Disgusting. Oh wait. They're not in the Reds' division anymore. Still unsettling.

1994 Kahn's Tim Fortugno. I do in fact like 'Fortungo' better.

1994 Kahn's Bret Boone. Third error from the set. One 'T', buddy. One 'T'.

1959 Topps #518 Mike Cuellar. CuellAr, Topps. Show some respect for the rookie, eh?

1983 Donruss #421 Charlie Leibrandt. Correct on the back, incorrect on the front. 50/50 shot. Whiffed.

1957 Topps #228 Smoky Burgess. I suppose there's some leeway in misspelling a nickname. But the front says 'Smoky' and the back, in the first line of the write-up, says 'Smokey'. Pick a lane, Topps.

Part 4 tomorrow. Go Reds.


  1. I can accept some (or in this case, a TON) of mistakes, but when it goes as far as wrong signatures and wrong teams, that's just carelessness. I will admit though most photos and wrong names I don't notice. Though I did catch the Leibrandt one.

    Can't wait for part 4.

  2. The errors in the Kahn's sets are embarrassing...those are TEAM sets! I'm sure whoever was responsible for those flubs was fired.