Thursday, September 4, 2014

Donkey Week - Part 3

Donkey week? That'd be Adam "Big Donkey" Dunn. Why a week devoted to Adam Dunn? 1) He's always been one of my favorite players due to the fact that I played baseball exactly the way he does. Swing hard. Swing often. Either blast it 400 feet or go down swinging in three pitches. 2) He recently announced his potential retirement. 3) I've had all 36 of my Adam Dunn relic cards sitting in the ol' scan folder too long.
So we'll go in four parts. 
Nine random relics per day. Let's roll day 3.
2008 UD A Piece of History Franchise History Jersey Gold /99

2004 Fleer American's National Pastime American Game 
2003 Playoff Piece of the Game
2003 Upper Deck Play Ball Game Used Memorabilia Tier 1 
2002 Donruss Diamond Kings Diamond Cut Collection /375
2005 Upper Deck SP Authentic Jersey Gold /99
2007 Upper Deck UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas 
2004 Topps Pristine Going Going Gone Bat Relics
2008 Topps Retail Relics 
Go Reds.

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