Friday, May 17, 2013

Looking for Team Go-To Guys

Greeting Red Cardboarders. I'm looking for a go-to guy for each team whenever I acquire non-Reds (which is admittedly rare). If you want to be my guy for a team, comment below, or shoot me an email at mattmccurryATgmailDOTcom.

And since I refuse to post without showing a card, here's Jose Rijo looking like Whoopi Goldberg...

Arizona Diamondbacks - OPEN
Atlanta Braves - OPEN
Baltimore Orioles - OPEN
Boston Red Sox - Metallattorney
Chicago Cubs - OPEN
Chicago White Sox - OPEN
Cincinnati Reds - OPEN (lots of Reds doubles, looking for multiple)
Cleveland Indians - OPEN
Colorado Rockies - OPEN
Detroit Tigers - OPEN
Florida Marlins - OPEN
Houston Astros - OPEN
Kansas City Royals - OPEN
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of The United States of America - OPEN
Los Angeles Dodgers - Stealing Home
Milwaukee Brewers - OPEN
Minnesota Twins - OPEN
Montreal Expos - OPEN
New York Mets - OPEN
New York Yankees - OPEN
Oakland Athletics - OPEN
Philadelphia Phillies - OPEN
Pittsburgh Pirates - OPEN
San Diego Padres - OPEN
San Francisco Giants - OPEN
Seattle Mariners (sans Griffey) - OPEN
St. Louis Cardinals - OPEN
Tampa Bay Rays - OPEN
Texas Rangers - OPEN
Toronto Blue Jays - OPEN
Washington Nationals - OPEN
Ken Griffey Jr. - The Junior Junkie


  1. Claiming those big, bad LA Dodgers, please.

  2. I would love to be the go-to guy for the Red Sox.

  3. Right on. Email me your addresses and I'll keep you on file. We'll keep the trade funnels a-flowin'.