Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Pickups

 Nabbed a few new things. Time to lazily show them off. It is the weekend, after all. First...

Some new Larkins. Sweet. A couple chromies up top. A Silver Sig, too. I'm enjoying hunting down the Collector's Choice signature parallels. I had so many of these as a kid, since the packs were so cheap. Brings back good memories. Topps Gallery is an underrated, forgotten brand. I rarely find very many. What's next?...

Bam. More new Larkins. The Topps 60 Larkin is the last Red I needed from that set. The relief on the Pinnacle Aficionado is very peculiar. It reminds me of glitter and glue sticks from kindergarten. And the USA Team throwback is most excellent.

A handful of 1990 Donruss Best, including the Larkin. I think I'm missing two from the set. I've said it before; it's so strange seeing the 90 Donruss, of which I had a million, in bright blue. I like it better though. I love both Tom Browning's and Rob Dibble's wind-up photos. Last card...

Upper Deck Heroes of Baseball Game Used Bat. Nice grab for a buck fifty. Any mem card from the Big Red Machine is a welcome addition. The photo is pretty dull though, further emphasized by the unnecessary black and white. But I'll always nab a Perez.

Good stuff. Go Reds.

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