Friday, May 10, 2013

1999 Skybox Molten Metal Xplosion Metalsmiths #37 - Greg Vaughn

We all loved the mid-90s Skybox Metal cards with their goofy backgrounds and metal-like finish. Gave you the feel that you were holding something forged in a fire. Well good ol' Skybox eventually figured out, "Hey! Why make our cards facsimile metal when we can ACTUALLY use metal?" "What, like, a metal coat? Like everyone does with gold and silver foil?" "NOOOOO!!!! BIG THICK SLABS OF METAL!!!!!" Pretty sweet if you ask me. These are about twice as thick as the modern printing plate cards, to give you an idea of their heft. I very much wish I had the Barry Larkin and Sean Casey from this set. But Greg Vaughn is nothing to scoff at. Dude hit 45/118 his only year with the Reds, his follow up to the 50 home run year for the Padres. Good lookin'.


  1. I'd love to find the Griffey. Is it thicker than the Leaf Preferred steel cards?

  2. No, especially since those Leafs are folded about the edges. They might be thicker than the middle of the Leafs, though.