Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Junior Junkie's Party-in-a-Box

Recently received a package from The Junior Junkie. I highly recommend checking out his blog. In fact, do it now. Then come back. Then repeat. Every day.

So what type of goodness does the Junkster dish out? Let's bust into the package...

The only thing missing was a band of trumpeters and dancing girls. It took me a little bit too long to realize that The Junkie is from Louisiana and was sharing a bit of Mardi Gras with a boring Midwesterner. I just thought he liked to party. Amidst the celebration were 4 staxxx of Cincinnati Reds goodness.

Now it's getting tougher and tougher to find Reds cards that I don't have, but it's more and more exciting to find some. And J. Junk managed to grace me with 21 cards NOT in my collection, and a big ol' pile of cards of which I can't have too many. Let's start with the new additions...

Three 2010 Upper Deck bases I didn't have. Pulled from a thick stack of 2010 UDs. Three Ultra bases I somehow didn't have. A slick Jose Rijo Pacific. A Classic Danny Jackson (highly underrated pitcher). And a Fun Pack Roberto Kelly. Good start.

Votto Topps OD Insert. Reggie Sanders EX with a Gypsy Queen-like raised border. Volquez UD Insert. Eric Davis 1990 Topps Sticker Back. All excellent.

A '95 Topps Ron Gant that somehow was off my radar. Didn't even realize I needed it. Same with the Pinnacle and Select Gants. Same with the Freddie Benavides '93 Donruss. All were mislabeled in Beckett with the wrong team. JJ was here to save the day and now I need to double check some lists. The Gant YMTP cards are from a nice set. And the Deion is from a set I hadn't heard of - 'National Packtime'. Nice. My favorite card of the bunch...

2009 UD 20th Anniversary Josh Hamilton. I know Hamilton has been under-performing lately, but I loved him on the Reds, I love his story, and I love the precious few Hamilton cards I have. Sweet. What other goodies we got?...

Bunch of Vottos. Fan. Tas. Tic. MORE!????

Oh tons more. Here's some highlights, giving the scope of the package. Moving o... You know what? Too much. I'm tapping out. No more scanning. Here's a pic of my scanner being buried under the rest...

Mercy. Thanks Junkie. May the Cardboard Gods bless you with Griffey goodness as numerous as your albums can withstand.

Oh, and Go Reds.


  1. Wow, you only needed 19 of those?

    Glad they arrived safely - thanks for all the trading!

    1. Heh, yeah. I've dime-boxed the crap out of a lot of shows. I'm down to needing 1/1's and tobacco cards, basically, it seems.