Saturday, May 18, 2013

1953 Bowman Color #138 - Bubba Church

These color shots from 1953 prove that card companies of the '50s were indeed capable of producing cards with great color photos and didn't have to resort to reproductions of paintings. To show this off, Bowman didn't even include a name or team logo on the front; just a nice photo. However, it was off-the-charts expensive, and the already low production heavily decreased around card 113 and again around card 129. Then, after card 160, Bowman gave up on the color entirely and finished the set in black and white, a punk move. I am lucky enough to have acquired a high number Bowman color of Emory "Bubba" Church. For one dollar. Not sure the dude was aware of the set's rarity. Nor was I, at the time. Just saw a Red from a set of which I had no cards, so I snagged it. Most. Excellent.

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